Ethnicities in Eastern Numidia

The ancient city of Calama probably had a Punic origin. It prospered under Masinissa's Numidian kingdom before incorporation into Rome's political sphere. Like Hippo Regius and Thagaste, it was part of the Roman province called Africa Proconsularis. However, this was originally Numidian territory. Like cities elsewhere in the region, Calama was ethnically diverse. Stelae housed... Continue Reading →

The Port of Hippo Regius

Hippo Regius was an important coastal city in Numidia throughout antiquity. Under Roman rule, it was an invaluable port for exporting African grain to Rome. The harbor would therefore have had large imperial storehouses to preserve the grain until it could be shipped. Unfortunately, only a portion of the ancient city survives, and the ancient... Continue Reading →

Augustine sat here (and so did I)

There were at least seven churches in Hippo Regius (modern Annaba, Algeria). Only a portion of the ancient city has been excavated, so we don't know which church this one is. But it faces west, like Augustine's, and has an adjoining house, like Augustine's. Even if it wasn't Augustine's church, he will have preached here... Continue Reading →

Hippo Regius Archaeological Park

Nearly 200 images from the archaeological park of Hippo Regius (Annaba, Algeria) are now available on Flickr. Take a look! They roughly follow the chronological itinerary (the blue line) on the site map below, but in reverse. Full image descriptions will be added in due course. For orientation, the late 19th century Basilica of St.... Continue Reading →

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