Augustine sat here (and so did I)

There were at least seven churches in Hippo Regius (modern Annaba, Algeria). Only a portion of the ancient city has been excavated, so we don’t know which church this one is. But it faces west, like Augustine’s, and has an adjoining house, like Augustine’s. Even if it wasn’t Augustine’s church, he will have preached here at some point.

A church (Augustine’s?) at Hippo Regius

The apse is raised and lined internally by a solid bench:

The apse and bench with seated classicist to give a sense of size

The episcopal chair (or more dramatically “throne”) in early African churches was wooden and movable. In this church, it was installed on the low bench on your left in the image above. When Augustine presided here, that’s where he sat. Here’s a closer look:

Place for the episcopal seat

Click here for more images of Hippo Regius on Terrae Transmarinae!

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